Get the Sony ZV-1 Wide Angle Hack! Add On .45x Lens by Zomei

The Sony ZV-1 is near perfect for my use case.

I travel Vlog (before COVID), I do Zoom calls and classes, and I review gear here at home.

As a portable, all in on piece of kit, it ticked all the boxes for me except one…for Vlogging it is really tight.

At 24mm, you really don’t get any presence of the surroundings. Plus, if you go to full image stabilization, it makes it crop in even more. If you do 4k, basically what you are getting is a floating head. Useless.

So, I looked for options. One is to get a selfie stick. But for a quick, run and gun style of shooting, sometimes the selfie stick is too big and unwieldy to put on easily and it grabs a lot more attention. It worked, but wasn’t ideal with those constraints.

So, I found out that they make screw on wide angle lenses that mount over the existing lens. It’s pretty similar to what you do with cellphones. Anyway, did some more research and found out that Zomei makes some pretty decent glass for an affordable price. I mean, it’s not Leica, but it’s only $24. That’s cheap enough to get me on board.

To get it all hooked up, you do have to buy an adapter as well. This sticks to the front of the camera lens barrel and allows you to screw on the lens. I bought the 52mm version of both.

The Sony ZV-1 takes some really nice video. I love the color and the image is so much cleaner and crisper than my old Olympus (which I had to use to make the first part of this video). I really like it. This lens just extended the usability of the camera for me. I really didn’t see a major difference in image quality (though there must be one). It wasn’t enough for me to say I wouldn’t use it. The only thing is, would just upgrading my phone been a better idea? haha.

Anyway, let me know if you have questions.

I hope it helped!

Here are some links to other things I like and use with Amazon links (affiliate links that give me a small amount back):

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USB HDMI Adapter (lets you connect your camera to a USB port and act like a webcam)

Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable

Cheap, but really good lavalier mic from Pop Voice.

Cheap, but useful tripods from Amazon.

Surprisingly high quality, yet affordable studio light set with backdrop from Neewer.

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