One Bag Carry-On Backpack Review- Huckberry – Mystery Ranch Mission Hybrid 43L

I’m kinda stuck at home…But, with airline prices so low and pretty generous ticket change policies, I have been eagerly looking forward to future trips.

Actually, I’ve got a trip to Kyiv planned and one to Chile. I hope I can go…

Anyway, while it might not be a great time for near term travel, I think others are like me, ready to go. Preparing to go.

Enter the Huckberry Mystery Ranch collaboration, the Mission Hybrid 43L. I saw when this was released a few months ago and knew I had to add it to my list to try.

The reason? I’ve always had a thing for Mystery Ranch bags since I tried out the Urban Assault as an EDC. While I did not end up keeping it, I still thought it was the most comfortable backpack I have used.

So, about the Mission Hybrid. It is waxed canvas! Really cool material. The color evoques a sense of camping adventure and a bit of old school military. My dad had a canvas bag from the Navy that I used a lot and it feels and reminds me of this. The smell gives it the same vibe. It smells natural and not too synthetic.

I love the build quality and fit and finish. There are no loose threads and everything lines up great. The zippers are all YKK and have great pulls and smooth action. I really like the size, and it would be great for anything from a weekend trip, to a week and beyond. It has a lot of organizational touches with 4 separate compartments. There is one with the patented Mystery Ranch three-way zipper. The next is just behind it, with a traditional opening. It has a pocket for a tablet and some other small pouches. Behind that is the main compartment which has a great mesh cover to keep your contents inside and ventilated. It is sizable and comparable to a 19 inch suitcase. Finally, behind that is the laptop computer slot. It easily held my 15″ laptop.

The Mission Hybrid is a convertible carry bag and has a shoulder strap, suitcase handles and backpack straps. This is where I lost my love. The shoulder strap is not padded at all and very uncomfortable for long term use. I had about 24 pounds loaded in the bag and carrying the load with the shoulder strap was not something I would do for a long time. Even a long walk from the plane to the terminal exit would be painful. The suitcase type handles seemed durable, but they did not have padding either.

Finally the backpack straps were padded, but still dug into my shoulders after a fairly short time. They were not comfortable. There is no hip belt to help transfer the load to the hips. When this bag is loaded, it is heavy and would do great with a way to distribute the weight a bit better. I also thought the back straps were a bit tough to hook on and unhook.

So, in the end, I thought the bag looked great and was built well, but was not comfortable for me. It did not beat out my current one bag champ, the Tortuga Setout Men’s 35L.

I also compared it to the Patagonia Black Hole MLC 40L which has a very similar use case and design, but is cheaper.

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