Round 3 – Nike SB RPM Backpack Reviewed! Vs. Dakine Mission vs Timbuk2 Vert Skateboarding Backpacks

Well this is Round 3 of my skateboarding backpack review.

I have been looking for the ideal backpack to use for when I am riding around town and need to slap my skateboard onto my backpack. Sometimes it’s convenient to do so when I go into a store or something like that.

So far, I’ve tried the Timbuk2 Vert and the Dakine Mission 25L.

Of the two, the Timbuk2 has a better build with Cordura and tight seems. It feels built to last. The Dakine however, edges it out with features like a hip belt, whistle, larger capacity, and quicker clips to get the board in and out. I was hoping the Nike SB RPM would bridge the gap between the two and come out a winner.

The Nike has some thoughtful design choices and is built to last, but overall I didn’t’ find it compelling enough to beat out either of the two previous bags I reviewed.

The build quality is fine, with tight seams and nice nylon and polyester. It has great zippers, but only one for the computer compartment. I love having two zipper pulls for all compartments to aid in ambidextrous use.

The straps were fine, but there are no load lifters or hip belts. Where it failed was the system for attaching a skateboard to the bag. It used velcro straps, just like the Timbuk2. This is ok, but it takes a longer and is a bit more unwieldy than the clips that the Dakine uses.

Overall it’s an ok bag, and if that’s all I knew, I’d probably keep it. However, I’m a bag critic and I take it upon myself to delve into all the features. For a skateboard backpack, the Nike SB RPM just doesn’t quite check all the boxes for me.

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