Suit Supply – Havana Wide Lapel!) Red Linen Silk Wool Suit Review

Oh, I wanted so much to like this wide lapel Havana suit from Suit Supply. The lapels and the fit were just the tits. If only not for one issue that I couldn’t live with…

I have a lot of suits and I add to my collection maybe twice a year. Of course, that was when I had events and things to go to. Now what can I wear a suit to? The grocery store?

A well tailored (or better, fully custom) suit gives you an extra attitude and swag. You look like money, you feel like money. You’re money baby and you don’t even know it. So, for the last decade or so, my go to for suits has been Suit Supply. They are pretty well know in the men’s fashion world for putting together a stylish, well fitting garment that is reasonably priced. I have other suits too, from Dragon Inside (an online Made To Measure company), J Crew, and Brooks Brothers, but the Suit Supply suit wins out. One notable aspect is that they use fabric from well known quality mills in Italy.

This particular Havana suit was made with fabric from E. Thomas. Nice. Anyway, twice a year they do an Outlet Sale and this year I hopped on board to get this red linen Havana suit. It is from their Red Line, over Purple, and Blue. They source higher quality fabrics for this line but the fits and other hardware are the same.

In the end, did I need a red wide lapel linen, silk, wool suit? No. But, gosh darn, I wanted one.

For reference the suit is a size 36s.

I’m 5’8″ (172 cm) 150 pounds (70 kg)

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