Welcome to Highs With Lowe

Welcome to Highs With Lowe

I go out and do stuff (that’s interesting to me) and then come back and tell you about it.

I love bags/backpacks and for some reason can’t get enough of them. For travel, EDC, work, whatever, I am in the constant quest for the next great thing.

I also love traveling, mostly to Colombia, but to other spots as well. I love Peru.

I love suits and stepping out in them. Suit Supply is my current go to for nicely styled suits made with fabrics from top Italian mills. Also, I look at the Canadian shop, Spier and Mackay.

And…a bit more vicey, but I do love a good cocktail and seek them out or make them at home.

So…if those things interest you, welcome! Consider subscribing to my YouTube page as well, because that’s where I post regularly.